Sufficient Grace & Maturity

Here we are, at the end of another year.  Much has changed in all of our lives and for it we are stronger.  We’ve learned quite a bit and likewise in that we are wiser. Our vantage points are reflections of the broader horizon through which we view.  Prayerfully we have allowed the good and the bad to help us focus our vision and bring all that God intended for this moment into our point of presence.  In His providence, He designed experiences, people, and places to connect with us, His children, as vessels of instruction.  There were many lessons that we have taught and oftentimes many that we have learned.  Nevertheless, we stand, yet again, in reflection of what it all means pondering what will come next.

One of the things that I have truly learned this year is that intentional living is the key that unlocks doors.  It lifts the curtains and ushers you purposefully into your seat and make no mistake about it – everyone has their own seat.  This year I stopped dancing around my seat and accepted the fact that it was just that – mine.  For years, I sat in other seats that were comfortable for a short period of time and inevitably moved on to the next and the next.  But something exciting happened when I sat in my very own seat of intentionality.  The height of both the arms and the legs of the chair seemed to be crafted perfectly for me and whenever I walked on purpose, my chair was already there.

I have learned in a very tangible way that God’s grace truly is sufficient.  He has shown me that when I trust Him without fail, He will show Himself strong and I am also convinced that He is coming back soon.  Perhaps with all that we have seen this year in the news and in our personal lives maybe we are holding on to Christ tighter than ever before in expectation of that return.  I know I am.


Twas The Night Before Baptism

Twas the night before baptism and all through the house; everyone was excited especially my spouse.

He woke up in thanks for mercy and new grace; with such loving eyes and a smile on his face.

“Tomorrow’s the day.  How do you feel?” he asked.”

“I feel great,” I said cause in God’s loved I basked.

I wanted to start again and rededicate my life; because I’ve seen so much as a mother and a wife.

There were some good times and times that made me cry; But with God’s protection, I’ve managed to get by.

God never left me, He always remained faithful; So to Him I give my life to show Him that I’m grateful.

I am leaving the old me behind and embracing the new.  So my mind is focused on what’s pure and what’s true.

Everything that brought me to this important decision was in God’s plan, He shaped this vision.

Now I understand and step out on faith; and tomorrow is now a very important date.

Goodbye doubt.  Goodbye fear.  This is where we part.  Because after this I will have a very fresh start.

His love is far-reaching and I’m humbled He cares.  He knows what is best and my burdens He shares.

So to God I shout “Hallelujah” it’s the highest praise as I wipe my tears and my hand I raise.

God can restore, redeem and renew.  He did it for me.  He can do it for you!